Spike McGuire

Reno, Nevada, United States

Spike McGuire - Future Jesus

Spike McGuire
Spike McGuire
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Moondog Matinee Reno, Nevada

"In a world of pseudo-sexual anarchy, Moondog Matinee is the real deal. Is it contradictory to describe this group's sound as derivative yet undeniably authentic? Yes, and no. But maybe there's an inkling of lustful innocence that encompasses this band of wandering heathens. What I am trying to...

living the dream traveling and playing music!
Spike McGuire
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Herbert Bail Orchestra Los Angeles, California

Herbert Bail takes you on a soulful journey through the dark heart of the American ethos, emerging with a silver lining of hope and optimism. LA Weekly declares Herbert Bail one of the Best Shows to See in LA. “Bottom line: Herbert Bail leaves you amazed!” says mySpoonful. The first album The...

Spike McGuire
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Six Mile Station -, -

Six Mile Station is a five piece Americana band from Reno, NV, with upright bass, drums and guitar in the rhythm section and a couple fellas playin' the leads on a variety of instruments including fiddle, mandolin, banjo, 12 string, trumpet, trombone, accordion and glockenspiel. In true...