Rigorous Proof

Reno, Nevada, United States

Rigorous Proof w/ COLA & The Electric
Rigorous Proof w/ COLA & The Electric

Location: The Saint • 761 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 89501, USA
Date: Friday August 11 2017, 9:00 PM
Age Restriction: 21 and over



Rigorous Proof
The Electric

COLA is a psyche rock/ art pop band from San Jose, 

"swirling guitars, rumbling drums and long decaying squalls of psychedelic feedback... It's like hearing When the Levee Breaks for the first time"
- Nick Veronin, Metro Silicon Valley

"I love the new (Great Taste) E.P. It’s just huge, and wide and epic. It has the best elements of dreampop and shoegaze, but it’s more direct and more American. It’s a cathartic listen each time." -Ravi Krishnaswami, Producer (Magnetic Fields, Sharon Jones, Viva Girls)

Rigorous Proof is a "Post Modern Alternative Rock" outfit from Reno, Nevada. The band is fronted by the mercurial guitarist and singer, Johnny "Harpo" Bailey, who some have described as "James Brown, Jimmy Page and Ray Davies put in a blender and poured into Syd Barrett's paisley shirt." Johnny is supported by the stoic and pragmatic Adam "Lando" Landis on keys and backup vocals, rounded out by the groovy and jovial Jesse "JayFlo" Gaddis on bass guitar, and solidified by the missing link between John Bonham and Ringo Starr---Wesley "WoFo" Forster on drums and percussion. Rigorous Proof plays music that blends a love for the old and the new, with lyrics pulling from narratives of triumph, despair, and sardonic wit.


The Electric is a high-octane, hip-shaking, greasy, rock-n-roll trio from Reno, NV, The Electric sling up gyrating tunes to billow and bump to. Get caught in their net of catchy choruses, punchy verses and even walk over a bridge or two (music slang). No 8-minute solos, no angry-at-dad lyrics, no key-tars, masks, onesies or fake hillbilly overtones. Just pure, guilty, let's-get-sweaty rock-n-roll. Grab a beer... then come spill a little on the dance floor.

Attendees : 2