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Reno, Nevada, United States

🎉Hey guys!! Our next show is going to be at the BoboLobo Music Festival! We have tickets or you can use this link:

(Enter “PinkAwful19” for a special discount!)

All ages! We will be closing the night out at 9pm , but be sure to hang out for the day to catch all the great acts!
Join us on Friday at The Loving Cup!
We will have special merch, a special performance with Jess from Só Sol and Ashley, and new songs!

Awfully good: The Messthetics charm Jub Jub’s in Reno

Press Coverage

Thank you Tahoe Onstage for the article on our last show with The Messthetics!
Texas Indie Fest today!! We play @5 pm @ Texas Mist!!❤️❤️❤️
Tonight! Our first adventure in Austin!
We play at 8:15 sharp at Cheers Shot Bar!
Rock the Rooftop w/ Magmile Productions!

🤘🏻🌇Looking forward to meeting new artists friends and sharing our art.
Pink Awful
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Check out all the cool bands that will be playing at this years Texas Indie Fest at Texas Mist in the ATX!
Yeeesss Texas!🙌🏻 Next week we will be starting our SXSW journey w/ Magmile Productions at “Rock the Rooftop” on 3/12
We go on @ 8:15 sharp!
Details here:
***10 days until we head out for SXSW***
Tour dates:
3/10: Beauty Bar, LV
3/12: Cheers Shot Bar, Tx
“Rock the Rooftop”(Mag Mile Productions)
3/13: Texas Mist, Tx (Texas Indie Fest)
Check out our session on Art After Dark Reno Podcast!
We talk about upcoming shows, how TuneTrax helped us get to Austin for the Texas Indie Fest, and more!

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