Paul-Henry Dallaire

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Title: The good riddance to Brian Mulroney song (with sax)
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A song depicting our former Prime Minister of Canada. He was involved in a crooked scheme called "The Airbus Scandal"and took thousands of dollars in a paper bag as payment. He scammed Canada good and got away with it too. The Liberals under Jean Chretien didn't fare much better. The were involved in an Add Scam deal of which millions of dollars disappeared and to this day never recovered and guess what? he and the Chretiens got away with it too. P.S They lined their pockets with our money,Tabarnak. And more than that,I would have forgiven him for all that loot he stole if he wouldn't have refused in 1987 a tantalizing offer by the Turks and Caicos Islands,a chain of Islands North of Haiti not far from Cuba. They wanted us to annex the islands cause they liked our health care and they,in general, like Canadians,but he refused because the Islands were a British crown colony.( friggin chicken shit.) All the trouble we have at the border could have been avoided and we could have just flown over their heads of the Americans. The trouble with Canada and the war of 1812 is we didn't go far enough and should have washed our boots in the Florida waters,Hee haw. So when I recorded the song I didn't have anything better to say except mention our crooks of Canada. Good riddance to Brian Mulroney song (with sax) Yes it's me there on the jukebox singin song that I wrote While I'm sitting at the Raceway getting drunk (a bar) And if your askin what i'm doin on the jungle side'o town Let's say the blues have got me down But I'll feel better come tomorrow pack my blues and board a plane Buy a one way ticket down to Florida kiss the sun a nd leave the rain This ol town has got me goin round in circles But I'll be gone yes I'll be gone I'll get me a job as a lumberjack on the northern coast of Main I'll ride a moose or a goose or underneath a caboose of a southeast bound freight train And when I get to Washington I'll shake their hands so hard they'll scream And match that Regan cowboy who brought Mulroney to his knees But I'll feel better come tomorrow from my feet up to my brains Throw my prescription out the window and my pills all down the drain And if my friends should ask about me tell 'em to turn o n the radio and hear this song cause I'll be gone In this song the musicians are: Ted Gerow on piano Terry McCann on harmonica Rick Evans harmony on voice Sam Henry on drums Dave Dennison on lead guitar myself on rhythm guitar and Ron Saikley on tenor sax Dusty King Jr. on bass This song was recorded at Snocan Recording Studio on Hollylane Blvd in Ottawa,On.Canada For bookings and personal appearances Words & Music Paul Henry Dallaire Paul Henry Pub. SOCAN.CA /U.S.Rep: ASCAP