Paul-Henry Dallaire

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Title: A town with no Twain I mean train or both
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You know the first thing you notice when you first drive through a town is the look. In my case being a train lover as I worked for the O.N.R. years ago. My problem is the over pass as you enter the town is empty. At one time the Ontario Northland Express train railed into Timmins and whizzed out. It's as if nothing ever happened, like we never had a train here. No engine to remind us of it's ever being here, not a caboose or not even a damn picture of a train and I'm insulted. A town with train ia a town with no brain The old home town don't look the same since they tore out the old train And now the railroad tracks are asphalt at the station And where the rail yard was it's a new library a parking lot where stood Doran's Brewery as I get off the bus in this town with no train Gone is the Hilltop Randezvous the Pav and Leone's Rose Room and the Maple Leaf Hotel is just a memory And tho still stands the head frame of the mine Ghost Miners still pace the picket line and country Folks love beer in this town with no train Chorus: And I can still hear mother callin me from the old house on Hillside Street come home son the shadows lengthen fast And from the past a coal train whistle blows near Mascioli's sand pit where as a boy I roamed as I walk the Streets of this town with no train Verse: Then I awake and look around me at the Welcome Home Hotel Realizing time had passed and I'm much older now And tho the end of Pine Street beckons me the bone yard of what used to be Where they'll lay me down in this town with no train Chorus and end with: (As I board the bus in this town with no train) Composed: Words & Music by: Paul Henry Dallaire Paul Henry Pub. SOCAN.CA U.S.Rep: ASCAP Produced with music By: Germain Bellemare Music and voice harmony: Schumacher, Ontario. Canada 2016