Paul-Henry Dallaire

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Title: Mon pate Chinois (My Shepherds pie little girl song)
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Une vrai histoire quand je jouait le festival country d'ete a St.Calixte P.Q. I'll etait 3:00 dans la nuit quand j'ai fini mon show et le gars a kioske avait fait du pate Chinois et I'll regardait bon.Quand je mais assi pour le manger i'll avait des p'tit fille a l'entour qui frollait les affaires et sa me achallait quand je mangait mon pate Chinois. Le lendemain j'ai ecrit la chanson au restaurant dans le village et aux bar Chez Willie. Mom pate Chinois / My Shepherds pie little girl song Laisse moye manger mon pate Chinois P'tit fille ta robe j'voi a travers Tu est si mignonne et tu est tres bonne Mais tu pense tout a l'envers J'te dit q'l'amour c'pas une bebelle Parce'que j'aime encore ma femme Elle reve une vie tres ambicieuse Oh! est si modern la grande madame Tu sais q'ua m'donne plus d'affection Et tu comprend qu'elle m'aime plus C'est une Autumn qui c'passe dans vie Et comme un arbre on reste nu Du comfort tu ma donner dans mon pire temps Quand a ma mis d'cote Tu ma atteint conjugalement Et comme un homme j'ai succomber Quand q'j'arrive de mon voyage sa route Sa dort q'sa dort elle dort tout l'temps On brule la chandelle par les deux boutes Mais mes p'tit chiens i'll m'aime quand meme Mais tu sait qua mon age tu m'aurait pas Parce'que j't'assez vieux pour etre ton pere Ton grand pere peu d'etre Ah! tu est si jeune Mais je ne t'oublirait jamais Here is the English transalation as best as I can Really a true story about when I was touring the Quebec circuit and this song was born in St.Calixte,P.Q. One night I finished my show late outside at the country fair and I was tired and it was a hot summer night. I was hungry so I went to the kiosk and there was Shepherds pie on the menu. I love Shepherds pie as it is made with hamburg meat with mashed potatoes and corn covering the meat and the potatoes on top. Anyway, as I was gorging myself on this wonderful meal at 3:00am in the morning there were little girls who were up past their bed time and pondering around the tables where I was sitting enjoying my meal. The next morning as I was sitting in the local restaurant called Chez Willie in the town of St.Calixte these words came out of my head and I put them down on a napkin to finish it later and this is the outcome and how this song came into existence. Mon pate Chinois / My Shepherds pie little girl Let me eat my Shepherds pie little girl you know I can see right through your dress You are so young and beautiful but your thoughts are all wrong I tell you love is not a toy to play with cause you know I still love my wife She may be a very ambitious woman but she's a lady and of very high fashion You know she no longer gives me affection and understand she doesn't love me anymore It's like living in the February of my life like a tree who has lost all it's leaves in winter You are comforting me in my worse time especially now that she put me on a shelf And in your innocence you like to have me but I must warn you that like a man I am weak and may fall When I come home from working on the road she sleeps she's always sleeping Were burning the candle at both ends tho my little dogs love me anyways But you must know at my age you can't have me cause I'm old enough to be your father Your grand father even cause your so young however I will never forget you Bookings pour Festivals etc,, Refrain: fin Paroles & Music Paul Henry Dallaire Paul Henry Pub. SOCAN: (Society of Authors,Composers and Music Publishers of Canada) U.S.Rep: ASCAP