Paul-Henry Dallaire

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Title: The great Ice Storm of 1998 (El Nino)
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El Nino Now in the Canadian Ecyclopedia of disasters under (Ice storms) In the southern part of Texas there's news on the radio About an ice storm devastating Quebec and Ontario It hit without much warning and it put on quite a show It beat all I ever saw like the Northern Lights aglow Now the cows ain't got no water and the chicken's are runnin 'round The pumps that fed the pigs are dry cause the hydro poles are down And the houses their all empty they've gone and locked the doors The bus has come to take them to sleep on the school house floors El Nino El Nino It froze right down to China up down to the Pearly Gates The Yankees sent their lines men from the New York State Now for eighteen days that winter will live in memory Cause for eighteen days we fought the God's El Nino from the sea Now here's to the troops in khaki's give 'em credit where it's due They got a raw deal in Somalia and we got half the truth Now I may not remember my last computer date But I won't forget the ice storm of ninety eight El Nino El Nino For personal appearances and bookings Words & Music Paul Henry Dallaire Paul Henry Pub. SOCAN.Canada Produced by Gil Charron: 2000Am Studio Ottawa,ON. Canada