Pato Banton

Los Angeles, California, United States

Title: Pato Banton - Settle Satan (LIVE)
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Pato Banton live at Reggae Summer Festival 95 Lyrics : Now this lyric I am chatting is a serious one and it's dedicated to satan. With this deadliest weapon temptation he leads people to the pit by the million. Can't fool me cause' me a conscious man kick temptation with mi foot and box it down with my hand I say yes to the right and no to the wrong and with confidence I sing this song. Right from the beginning in the garden of Eden the devil tempted eve and he tempted Adam. Samson was the strongest ever pon the land Delilah took his hair because of temptation. Remember how Judas betrayed The Son Of Man for thirty silver pieces he did this wrong. Even nowadays it goes on and on and on envy and greed will bring a nuclear war man but my people don't fret, hold on strong and join me pon the chorus, Pato Banton. Back off! When you see me a come cause' you don't stand a chance with this youth man. Me will pick up the mic a in me right hand and spread truth and right all over the land. To the black man white man Chinese and Indian cause the gates of Jah are open to all nations. As far as I concern this is my opinion be upright in Jah's sight and you can't go wrong. It's not easy (I know!) in this place called Babylon surrounded by sinning and confusion disillusion by things on your television depressed by your financial situation. Then all the bills you have to pay can strech a mile long no food in the cover for you and your children. All over the world people have this problem and the first thing they do is blame the system. But every wicked system through the nation belongs to the devil and his companion. But I know when Jah judgment finally come lucifer and his followers bound to the down.