Pato Banton

Los Angeles, California, United States

Title: Pato Banton - Go Pato (clip oficial)
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"Go Pato Reggae" is one of the greatest classics of Pato Banton. -- "Go Pato Reggae" é um dos maiores clássicos de Pato Banton, sucesso como "Melô de Pato". -- Now all lovers of positive reggae music could you please fasten your seat belts because we have lift off. Go Pato! everybody telling me to Go Pato! all over America! I want the whole wide world to know that Pato Banton is on the go. Just like a tree that plant by the rivers of water I will surely grow. Everyday I kneel and pray that Jah will guide me on my way. I wanna be good yes I wanna do right and I don't want to go astray. People tell me yes they do they say Pato Banton we love you. That's why I want to dedicate this song to everyone of you. To every friend and every fan and every radio D. J. too. Every reggae reporter, producer, promoter I'd just like to say thank you. And all the youth I stand and salute for staying loyal to the reggae roots. They give me the strength to push on through because they tell me to ... Go Pato! When I say all over I mean all over. North, south, east and west. You understand? Check this out! In Arkansas - Arizona - Alabama - and Alaska Connecticut - Colorado and also California North and South Carolina and North and South Dakota Delaware - Florida - and Martin Luther's home town Georgia Hawaii - Idaho - Illinois - and Indiana Iowa - Kansas - Kentucky - Louisiana Maine - Maryland - Massachusetts - Michigan and Minnesota Mississippi - Missouri - Montana and Nebraska New Jersey- New Mexico - New York and New Hampshire Ohio - Oklahoma - Oregon and Pennsylvania Rhode Island - Texas - Tennessee and Mormon country Utah Vermont - Virginia - Washington and West Virginia Wisconsin - Wyoming and Nevada lord all over America! And ina Mexico and Puerto Rico everybody telling me to ... Go Pato!