Pato Banton

Los Angeles, California, United States

Title: Pato Banton - My Opinion (Live)
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Pato live from Chiemsee Reggae Summer Festival 95 Lyrics: I do not hold no prejudice for any other nation as far as I'm concerned we're all a part of God's creation. Like dog a dog and cat a cat a human is a human so there should be no prejudice because of one's complexion. There should be no prejudice because of one's religion for every man has got the right to make his own decision. I don't just talk to every man but also every woman understanding gives you knowledge but the fear of God is wisdom. Wisdom is the compass that will show you the direction towards the light of Jah and away from all illusion. My name is Pato Banton grow ina England My name is Pato Banton and this is my opinion. More lyrics: All about Pato Banton: