Pato Banton

Los Angeles, California, United States

Title: Love Is The Greatest Thing!! ~ Pato Banton
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Pato Banton produces another beautiful song to celebrate the many aspects of adapting an attitude of LOVE in our troubled world. Filmed on Venice Beach and at Pato's home in Los Angeles, this video was a lot of fun to shoot and edit. A song that has touched a million hearts around the world has now been put on video for your visual enjoyment! Enjoy! Musicians Lead Vocals: Pato Banton Female Vocals by: Empress Akua Antoinette "Roots Dawtah" Hall and Nichelle Monroe Drums: Howard "Ducc" Arnold Bass: Benjamin "Benji" Hamlin Keys: Antoinette "Roots Dawtah" Hall Guitar: Andy Kushner & David Gomez Trombone: Ruben Durazo Saxaphone: Cedric Bravo Male Backing Singer: Benji Camera Crew: Lynn Rossetto, Jihad Johnson Pato Banton & Islaam Produced & Edited by Pato Banton Devote your life to Proving that Love is the greatest thing in the world! The Urantia Book ~ Paper 192:2.1 Much appreciation to all of our Fans, Friends & FAMILY for joining us on Venice Beach and making this dream a reality! One Love Always PB