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Reno, Nevada, United States

Alchemists - Silver
Alchemists - Silver

Thursday November 3 2016, 10:00 AM

By Anna Hart

Amidst a plume of cigarette smoke and drinks, I sat down with the men behind local rock group Silver. Gathered around a fire pit at Pignic Pub & Patio, the band members exuded the kind of influence that leads to both terrible decision-making and epic storytelling.

Formed this spring, the band is composed of Brendan Lund on bass guitar, Jeffrey Knight on drums, Adam Landis on piano, Josh Kisor on lead guitar, and Greg Gilmore on guitar and vocals. Various members contribute backup vocals.

Silver brands itself as American roots music. Listening to them is almost like listening to all of rock ’n’ roll’s various incarnations, from the edgy vocals, at times reminiscent of classic rock, to Americana-esque chord progressions, and an occasional funk guitar line.

Most of the band members come from established Reno bands—like The Kanes, Rigorous Proof, Six Mile Station and Buster Blue. While these experiences may have left their marks on the music of Silver, they have been more influential on how the band carries itself, able to roll with punches that would knock a group of greener musicians out cold.

“That’s what I like about this band,” said Lund. “Everyone here is really proficient in their own right, and we can control the chaos. Everyone is pretty seasoned, so no matter what, things work together smoothly.”

With the band members so deeply entrenched in the Reno music scene, it is a wonder that Landis and Gilmore are the only ones who’d played together before Silver formed.

“Personally it’s like all of these guys are fresh to me,” said Knight. “I think you will find that Reno is a really incestuous pool of musicians, where most bands have multiple members that play together in other bands. This has been really rad, working with all new people.”

While many local bands are more than ready to leave Reno, Silver wants to take some time planting roots here.

“When I got back to Reno after touring, I could not believe the amount of cool shit that happens in this fucking town,” swore Gilmore. “It’s so exciting to be here. There’s not this kinetic energy in other places like there is here. Everyone is pushing so hard to make themselves be somebody and to make this town be something.”

Reno has a music scene that even Kisor—who transplanted from Modesto, California a couple of years ago—appreciates.

“I love the scene,” he said. “The town is small enough that you get to know everyone but big enough that you can’t tell that open mic nights are open mic nights. There is so much talent here.”

Although Silver has enough music and certainly enough experience to record and release an album, the band is holding off, allowing their music to hit the stage first and take some time to evolve and settle into itself, acting with the sense of patience that comes from being successful veteran musicians.

So what is next for Silver?

Some of the members have lofty goals—“world domination,” “making rock ’n’ roll great again” or simply “bringing us into the nuclear crisis.” Others are happy to play around Reno.

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