Maine, United States


Genre: Trap
Duration: 00:03:28

OOH! AHHHH! ~ GRINDHOUSE TREY PRODUCED BY: INOTECH3D The new trap single “OOH! AHHHH!” was released in 2020 by the unsigned artist Grindhouse Trey with INOTECH3D PRODUCTIONS. GRINDHOUSE TREY's hip-hop, soul, and R & B style is unsurpassed and highly addictive! INOTECH3D is going to turn the Hip Hop genre on its head while producing hard-hitting, 808 heavy, melodic, trance-inducing tracks! Talent, hard work, and dedication make this duo unstoppable! Make sure to follow INOTECH3D and Grindhouse Trey! Keep up to date on the latest news and new releases! INOTECH3D BEATS: INOTECH3D SOCIAL MEDIA: GRINDHOUSE TREY SOCIAL MEDIA: