Paul-Henry Dallaire

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Title: King of the Ottawa city cowboys
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A done wrong song by the Ottawa city council This song won the Ottawa city song contest but was given to someone else. Re; Harvey Glatt I challenge any reporter out there to ask Harvey Glatt in person about what happened to this song during choosing of the Song for Ottawa City Contest in the eighties and youtube his answer as it should prove interesting if nothing else and Harvey could get it off his chest. He came to the Raceway Tavern on Clarence street with X mayor Greenberg I believe and they bought 45 rpm's from me and that's when he told me he felt guilty about the whole thing and he had nothing to do with it and confessed the rules were broken and the prize given to my rival Christine M'Cann. It should be cleared up. No? I know Harvey is an honest person and that's why he told me and I respect him for that.It's too bad I had to re-gurgatate it again but there's not too much you can hide to-day with the internet and all, so maybe I'd like the prize now, which is rightly mine. King of the Ottawa city cowboys Chorus: I'm the king of the Ottawa city cowboys I ride the electric bull My horse is parked at a metered stall And thrives on Texaco fuel I play my guitar my harp beat my drum Even moan you a sad country tune And I sing for all the ladies At the Raceway Tavern Saloon Verse: All day I work for the man on the hill In a three piece suit and a tie But tonite I'm goin to change all of this Climb into my M.G. and ride I've mastered all the new country disco technique In a way that you've never seen By day I work by night I play In my sexy skin tight blue jeans Words & Music Paul Henry Dallaire Paul Henry Pub. SOCAN: (Society of Authors,Composers and Music Publishers of Canada)