DJ Nikki Smiles

Carson City, Nevada, United States


Artist: DJ Nikki Smiles
Genre: Electro/ Breaks/ GlitchHop
Duration: 01:05:44

Nikki Smiles Live from the Wednesday Trash Fence Party at Burning Man 2016. This year's party was infested with police killing the vibe and giving tickets to party goers peeing on the playa, so many left the scene and so did we. While playing from atop F'Jorgyn, the Viking Ship, the vehicle started rolling without me knowing it was going to and I just went with it. This set has a number of little glitches, but that is part of the fun as we headed over sand dunes in deep playa some unexpected skips happened, but it is what it is and it was fun and unique. There were at least 4 mutant vehicles following us including the Pervertical Playground, USS Nevada, Swingline, and the Dirty Sardine, as well as a number of bicyclist as we landed at the porta potties and continued to rock out! You never know what is going to happen at Burning Man, but its always EPIC! Thank you to all of you that were a part of this year's adventure! Enjoy!