Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


Artist: Kytami
Genre: drumnbass
Duration: 00:04:42

Kytami - Bass Is High DJ Generic Remix Original production: Steven Mek Cover Art by Jai Field Victoria's Kyla LeBlanc (a.k.a. Kytami) is one of the hottest rising stars in BC. A violinistextremist who acts as a conduit between the disparate forces of classical and electronic music, bringing together fiddle perfection and hip-hop/dubstep forms, her distinct perspective has helped shape the West Coast scene for years, across all musical boundaries. Her work has appeared on albums by hip-hop legends Swollen Members and Sweatshop Union, and political punk act The Rebel Spell, as well as with acoustic punk-rock drinking band Blackie and the Triumphs. She co-founded globe-fusion act Delhi 2 Dublin in 2006, co-writing them to international recognition before leaving in 2010 to focus on her solo career, which proved to be an inspired move. In 2013 alone, she took home "Live Act of the Year" at the Vancouver Island Music Awards, and her self-titled album won "Electronic/Dance Recording of the Year" at the Western Canadian Music Awards. All fabulous, award-winning electronic music albums leave a trail of remixes in their wake, and Kytami's 2012 self-titled album is no different. East Van Digital has collected seven of the best in one package, showcasing the work of Canada's finest party-rockers. A/V electro space punk collective Drugzndreamz (namely vocalist The Magician, synthesist Marc Nyiti, and drummer Eric J. Breitenbach) tackle "2 Lions". While the original version effervescently transitions from sluggish trip-hop to uplifting breaks, Drugzndreamz give it a more contemplative feel, becoming sparser near the end, while enhancing the bassline to a wall-crumbing grumble sure to crack windshields and put festival sets over the top. This should have been on the Animatrix OST. In his decade-plus reign as the infamous DJ Generic, Victoria bass music bad-boy Cole Magnusson has scored opening sets for Tipper, Bassnectar, the Freestylers and other such main stage acts, while consistently schooling kids in any Vancouver Island DJ competition he enters. With "Bass Is High" under his guiding eye, Generic takes the heavy metal junglism of the original to a more stadium-friendly sphere, favoring extended guitar lines over the original's head-banging riffs, and injecting a few dubstep stutters into the proceedings.