Kids On Bridges

United Kingdom


Artist: kidsonbridges
Genre: electro
Duration: 00:05:45

A Band is for life not just for Christmas Kids On Bridges gives us all something to think about just before Xmas with ‘Sport For Kings’ which is a brutally honest and pulsating slab of electronic pop taken from their Top 30 UK Album ‘Kidology’. It’s safe to say Kids On Bridges took quite a few people by surprise when their debut album ‘Kidology’ reached No 27 in the iTunes Alternative Chart in October of this year. If you look a bit closer though this should not have raised quite so many eyebrows as they had ALL this going on…. In May, this year these three Liverpudlian lads released ‘Walls’ which doubled up as legendary independent label Wall of Sound’s 20th Anniversary theme tune (watch the video for that HERE) and swiftly followed that up with ‘Bankers To Feed’ (video HERE) which brought in an army of new fans who connected with their refreshingly honest approach and frustration with the bureaucracy of the UK. Add to that a debut album release which features performances by a whole range of famous names including Dr John, legendary funk drummer Zigaboo Modeliste who has just appeared on Foo Fighters ‘Sonic Highways’, actor Jim Howick from Peep Show and Steve Dub famed for his Chemical Brothers production duties and you have something pretty special. Kids On Bridges now continue their direct messaging to the masses with the release of ‘Sport For Kings’ which is a pulsating, hard hitting slap of electronic pop which twists and turns in all directions but always with the mission to stick in your head both musically and lyrically. It’s certainly the sound of a band at the top of their game, who quite frankly don’t sound like anyone else around at the moment and that ladies and gentlemen we should all embrace! Christian Bragg, lead singer from the band describes the new single - “ Sport For Kings was pretty much the last thing we recorded for the ‘Kidology’ album and it’s the one as a band we are most proud of. I had the idea that I wanted to do a song which was like three songs in one, I was trying to go for Lou Reed meets The Beach Boys with the Beastie Boys thrown into the mix. The song itself is a real look at the military bankers playing god, trading blood for oil and the world leaders putting their spin on conflict by treating human life with so little value. It’s as if War is just a ‘sport’ for the rich leaders of the world. “ ‘Sport For Kings’ features yet another collaboration but this occasion it’s a not an all star name as Christian continues to describe - “My brothers daughter ‘Jasmine’ aged just 13 had recorded a piano piece on her mobile phone and when she played it to me it just sounded like pure innocence and I thought it would be a great way to include at the end the song to give it a moment of realism and reflection” It’s a poinentant way for Kids on Bridges to end their fantastic year and perhaps a good moment for us all to take a minute over Christmas to reflect on what’s happening around us in the world. Download ‘Sport For Kings’ for FREE via Kids on Bridges Soundcloud here and get Kids On Bridges full length debut album ‘Kidology’ from iTunes here. fresh from supports with Beck and festival slots at Bestival and Ibiza rocks